Friday, November 28, 2008

Trot for your Turkey

With the busy day ahead and large amounts of food to be consumed, the need to be in a caloric deficit was great. What better why to achieve this than a jog.

Why not give a little to charity over the holidays? The
Boy's & Girls Club of the Midlands
hosted the Turkey Trot 8k on Thanksgiving morning. The turn out was large. Some 290+ runners with the same ideas gathered for the event.

The start was quick, down in front of the Colonial Center the pace was probably faster than I'm use to but what the heck. The leaders were still in visual contact as we crossed over the Congaree River heading into Cayce. As always a goal of mine is not be chicked. As the 2nd place lady starts to get further away. The feeling of crap this is fast hits home.

The half way point comes on the right turn on Gervais St. crossing the Congaree again. The long climb up Gervais was the confirmation that my start was way too fast. Holding it together and to not be passed. A top 30 was the idea of the day but as runners started to pass with 2 miles to go the goal was slipping away. The line couldn't have come any sooner. Finished in 29th place at 33:32, 6:45 pace. Garmin confirmation had me averaging 176 HR and maxing at 201bpm. Hate it if you dare but holding a 176 HR is good training for the winter short track series to come.

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