Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still Standing

Yet another weekend spent on two feet instead of two wheels. As the temps have dropped so has the desire to brave the wind and ride. This probably had something to do with the beat down from last Sunday's Race to the River. Since the saddle time has been at a minimum, the lack luster performance in a race situation was a given. Yet maybe my ego was damaged or just put in check. Who cares? The winter is made for a change in pace. So the running shoes have been getting most of the action lately.

The past 48 hours was a change. Saturday, I headed out to the folks house for some dirt road adventure by foot. Started out with a lap around LHS then to the dirt in some various out and back routes. Nice easy cruise pulling back into the folks house 13 miles later. Shocked as shit yet still able to function. Woke up this a.m. surprisingly feeling well. Well enough to take the dogs on a 2 hour hike/jog at Lynchs Woods. The proven method of breaking down the high drive of two bird dogs.
So this weekend had the smell of epic to it. Wow 20 miles for the weekend.


Jason said...

20 miles... not too shabby. I shot some clays on Saturday and took the dogs and family on a long hike Sunday. I'm on day six of no run/bike... lazy or resting, I can't say.

Think of it this way, "Sign Pickup" is more of a service than a true beat down anyway.

spokejunky said...

It's weird not seeing them do laps from the kitchen to the couch.

Palmetto Solo said...

They there is another side to these hounds.