Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stump Jump 08

A step in the right direction. Go from riding 2-3 days a week to crushing the oneself on the race course come Sunday. A pattern I've adopted over the beginning of this season. Maybe it's working for me. Tempting faith this weekend at the Stump Jump XC race.

Forked out $40 bones for the SS race with a total expectation of a high podium place. Game plan - Go hard from the gun and for the entire 2 laps. Funny thing with the SS class is the mixed bag of tricksters you may encounter. From semi-retired Pros to experts who don't care to purchase a USAC license to entry level riders getting there feet wet in XC racing.
Looking around I spot a some riders from the winter stxc series, Erik N. and the recently questionable DQed winner of the Cohutta 100mi SS Will Black. So the kitchen was warming to be set a blaze.

The flame was ignited from the start Will & Erik put a gap on me before the 1st power line decent. I was in third and chasing hard. Sitting on the nose of the saddle spinning the fastest rpms I could manage. By the 1st section of single track they were out of sight. Knowing I needed to stay focused on the trail I tried to keep the lines as smooth as possible. First ride back on a rigid fork. Paying close attention to the many roots littering the trail.

I made no ground on them. A solo ride for the most part. Passing only a handful of sport riders. A podium spot was mine. I just needed to finish up strong. Hammered out a sub 40 minute first lap and matched it on the final lap. I just never looked back.

Finishing up in 3rd place for SC State Championships - 1:20~16+ miles of very nice technical single track. More bike time is needed, especially in the woods.


Jason said...

All hail Toby, single speed crank crusher. You are quick and skilled, sir.

xcmtnbikeracer said...

Good job man, at least one of us made a podium visit the weekend.

xcmtnbikeracer said...

This fire is still spreading. Jim now has a blog.

xcmtnbikeracer said...

Are you in there?

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Damn, what the fuck was Will Black doing there? I read somewhere that he beat the snot out of L'Armstrong in a cyclocross race a few years back... Much respect on the finish. How did the gearing work? Too much? Too little?

Palmetto Solo said...

Will black is super fast. I kept him insight for about 5 minutes and that is it. Will lives in Asheville now so don't be surprised when you see him toeing the line in the SE. Gearing was good 34*19, but it was no match for the top two fellas.