Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mud Jump 08

Bust out the WD-40 and the Q-Tips. It's time for the annual Stump Jump XC races in Spartanburg SC. It's history is steeped in red clay that sticks to every moving part of your stead. Ass busting greasy red clay. You got to love tradition - rain today and tomorrow means mud on Sunday. Thankfully I don't have a functioning geared bike.
Looks like the SS class is my faith for the weekend. No expert one day license. Race page states race distance is voted by voice at start line, a choice of 1-2 laps. Race $30+ Late Fee $5 + USAC one day $5 = $40. This bitch better be at least 2 laps. I'll be dreaming of a top podium spot.

2003 - A little something to remember


spokejunky said...

Yup. Won't be there after all. I brokedded D-mon's SS on our last ride. I could always try it on my 53x15 converted Fondriest fixie.

Palmetto Solo said...

There will be hike-a-stick-ass-bike areas. Squeeze some semi slicks in the stays and rail.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Good luck at the mud bath. Kill, crush, destroy...rinse