Thursday, April 03, 2008


Meet my pup, Holly. Holly is a 6 year old German Shorthaired Pointer & reincarnated human. This dog truly believes she is human. This is not staged, she will sleep like this on occasions. Always keeping one eye open for an opportunity to play. Favorite activities include eating, sleeping, chasing her ball and or squirrels when provoked and digging in my flower bed.
I have tried to take her on bike rides but it's very aggravating. She has such a drive to hunt that she seeks out any varmint in the woods. I do on occasions take her for a bike ride around the neighborhood. I always wear a helmet with this beast. One pass across the front wheel and I'm a babbling idiot. She hit 22mph one night cruising around the block.

Happy Birthday Mom


spokejunky said...

Awesome dog. I'll be up for the R2R. D-mon just gave me the thumbs up for using his SS. Battle of the singulators.

Palmetto Solo said...

I still have Fisher 29er Xcal frame for sale.

xcmtnbikeracer said...

Our animals have no idea how good thier life really is!

clem said...

Happiness is watching my greyhounds tear around the yard kicking up rooster tails. 22mph? Pfft. :)

If this posts I finally figured out this blog thing. With BD cancelled I'm thinking about the Grind on the Greenway. You going to that?

spokejunky said...

Fisher 29er Xcal...hmmmm. I just bought a new road bike. Have to figure that one out.