Monday, April 14, 2008

Endurance Step 1

Well 5 days now to my first endurance challenge of the 2008 season. The Cohutta 65miler is on tap for this Saturday and all the anticipation is starting. What gear to run, pack no pack, what tires & how much pixie dust in my shoes? Yeah this feeling is something you never get enough of. After many endurance events I know one thing, go into the race to have fun and suffer. This being hard to image for some, at how one could pay to suffer and have fun doing so. Leave your expectations at the door. My inconsistent training has left my fitness level out of wack. This will just make for an interesting day on the bike. I'll try riding into a respectable fitness level during the race. It's been done before. Now off to clean the Rig and make a list of things I shouldn't forget to take.

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jpelton said...

Congrats on the 2nd place finish.

Word has it that you may be up for Pisgah this Sunday, 4/27/08. If so let me know, I am thinking of going up and we can car pool.