Wednesday, October 31, 2007

To Vent

Another installment of the HBW bi-weekly night ride in downtown Cola. Following a confusing and frustrating day in the field I needed to vent. No better way than an urban assault on the rig. Scrambling out the house @ 6 to meet the group around 6:30. It's always a surprise to see who may show, for I have no contact prior to the ride (if it's a go or no go). These are always the thoughts as I navigate down the RiverWalk. Now that the air is turning cooler and the daylight is getting shorter, the Riverwalk isn't so crowded.
At the meeting spot I see 4 HBW riders hovered over a bike accessing some repair. Two riders choosing to bail another has a flat as the group starts off (from 5 to 2). Karma or Bad Luck , who knows? So now It's Monty and myself off for a stroll around Cola town. Since the usual suspects didn't show we had free reign to go anywhere we wanted. It's nice to see something different and nice of Monty to let me go wherever I deemed necessary. Points of interest - ElmwoodCemetary, USC, Five Points, Ownes Field for some nighttime singletrack and the Greenway. Parting ways at the Gervais St. bridge I headed west towards the house. Calmed and at ease with the days events 2:20 and some 30 miles with one gear through the street lights of down town. Looking forward to Thursday.

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