Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Charlotte STXC #4&5

Race #4(2/10)- Racing was fast and furious once again. Weather was ideal, clear low 50*s and the track was tacky. A good start helped me stay close to the front for the opening laps. Running close quaters with my teammate Jamie. We had to contain our closest competitor in the overall. In this situation it's nice having someone to work with. Considering we had another race tommorrow. We needed to conserve as much energy as possible. We took turns leading or patroling the three man group. For some reason I was getting jumpy and excited I had to hold back the urge to attack since we still had :30 minutes to go. Content to keep working, or maybe I worked too hard at times. With about :15 minutes to go we were jumped and unfortunately we had no response. Down but not out, burying myself to bring us from a 45 second gap to a 3 bike links at the finish line. I had more but the gap in the overall was enough of a cushion to not woory about it. Finishing 6th of 11. Besides there would be another chance tommorrow.

Race #5(2/11)- Weather was ideal just as before, and the riders turned out to finish the series. Weary legs were all around. Even the start was the slowest of the series. Very simialr to saturday, the groups started to form early in the race. Jamie got up the road on me, and I was content to hanging back with Ben. Going into this race the overall was 3rd Jamie, 4th Me, 5th Ben. This put me content with keeping Ben at bay as long as I could. That held till about 13 minutes to go. I cracked from the relentless attacks, that Ben and I released upon each other. Some quick math at lactate thresold puts me still in 4th overall but damn it sure would be nice to catch him. The legs were not having it, I just kept tempo and mantained the gap. Finishing the overall series in 4th place that is an improvement of one spot from the '06 series. Content with the fitness this series has given me. It's now time to go and finish up the home projects so I can ride this spring.

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Spokejunky said...

Can you forward the link to Jamie? My man doesn't like posting his personal life on the internet like most of us narcissistic, egotistical cyclists, but hey I'm just speaking about myself here I don't care what you all think... http://www.probikekit.com/display.php?code=Y1111