Monday, February 05, 2007

Charlotte Race #3

Saturday was the third installment of the winter short track series. The wind was howling with the temps in the 40's. This made for smaller fields and a chance to grab maximum points. I was lucky enough to have 4 strong teammates in the race with me. Jamie and I are both in the hunt for the overall. There are two racers between us. With only one of the two riders at the race, the mission was to cut the gap down. At the start we were informed that this would be the double points race of the series.

From the start the pace whips up quick. Into the single track close to the front. The lead group stayed intact through the first few laps. Then the gaps started to form. Small groups scattered the field. I found myself split from Jamie's group around lap 5 or so. Riding in the group of 4th-6th place. With the competion for Jamie riding on my wheel, I as a teammate did not want to drag him up to Jamie. I started playing roadie games with him. I knew those evening of watching the spring classics on DVD would pay off.

Now that Jamie was out of sight. I began to turn the screws into 5th&6th place. Wanting and needing the points badly. Figuring my strong points were in the singletrack but I was having problem on the hill. I knew I had to go hard for 4 laps to really make the gap stick. I did and it did! Pulling in a 4th in the Expert class right behind Jamie in 3rd. How about that, the fitness is starting to show. It must be from all the time I'm taking OFF from riding during the week. Next weekend will be a tuff race weekend. Saturday and Sunday races the final two of the series.

Also the Harrells Team had three fellows in the Super-Sport class. Monty in 2nd, Damon in 3rd and Toby S. finishing in the field.

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