Sunday, January 28, 2007

Into the Woods

A weekend full of trails and friends. Managed a group ride on saturday at lynchs with Joe, Clint, Barrot & Leroy. No single speed this weekend all gears all weekend. Still nursing the crazy sciatic nerve. Stretching like crazy all week. Picked up a foam roller at Target and highly recommend it for any tight leg muscles and lower back issues. This seems to be the only way to ease the pain. Besides focusing on the geared bike for the short track series. I've spent the week working on the fit, matching the X-Cal to the Raleigh like saddle height and stem height. After all said and done 1.5" lower on the saddle and 1" lower on the stem. I'm hoping this is the key to the sciatic nerve cooling down.

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spokejunky said...

Had the same problem switching between the fixie Fondriest and C'dale. Turned out the seat tube angle is more agressive on the C'dale and I had to move the saddle forward so that I would engage my quads more than pulling with hams/lower back. Whichever is causing you pain is more than likely making you engage your lower back and pulling efforts more than pushing through the pedals. Could also be that hard a$$ rigid you got on the 700, Mr. no-plush.