Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Green Diamond 10x10

Lately I do not speak too much about what I do for exercise. Just that I am trying to stay in shape. So when a workout comes up that excites me like this I have to mention it. Now back up to March when I began trying some Crossift type workouts at home. Mostly body weight dynamic movements and higher intensity efforts. The sporadic nature and diversity of the movements helps fight off boredom. Now onto the excitement part.
I came up with this workout while suffering through another 5:30am workout at North Side Middle Ball Fields. The Green Diamond 10x10 is the name. It goes like this. Four stations, six movements, and two sprint intervals. Starting in the outfield by the foul pole (yellow pole in pic), 10 push-ups.

Then perform lunges toward 1st base to next station. Roughly 100' in length. Station 2 is burpees, 10 of them. Then run (sprint 70%) on a diagonal across the the filed to the foul pole in left field. Now 3rd station, 10 air squats then bear craw up the foul line towards 3rd base (about 100') to the fourth station. Here at station 4 you knock out 10 situps, then sprint to the start. Now repeat 9 more times. WOW! Totaling out with 100 push-ups, 100+ lunges, 100 air squats, 1000' bear craws, 100 sit-ups, and 20 sprints in 49 minutes. I am happy with this an will try to improve on the time.

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