Thursday, May 12, 2011

PMBAR 11 - Boot & Rally

For now go here for all the juicy tid bits on my experience. I should have something up soon.

Edit: Official Results 17th of 140+/-

Photo Credit to BradO


Junk said...

Not to push it, but is this riding a bicycle thing just a phase or are you back in it?

Toby Porter said...

More of a Summer detour thing. As I sit on the outside of the bubble (cycling)looking in. One thing keeps striking me in the head, many cyclist take themselves way to serious and just miss out on the real fun a bike can bring you. You just may see more two wheel shenanigans here soon.

Junk said...

Let me know next time you want to go up to God's country. I'm dying to get some quality hill time in. I rode Bent Creek and Barnardsville, but that was a shadow of what we used to ride.