Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Blogging Mind is a Blank

Closet Training - Yes

Will it work - Maybe

Miles Ridden - Few

Miles Ran - Many

Swiss Ball - Yes

Hot Out - Hell Yeah

Carry on people - See Ya'll soon.


Jason said...

Closet training.... not Toby ;)

spokejunky said...

We all know you're a rainbow warrior. There's no going back in the closet after you've come out. Oh wait...you're talking about closet training for cycling.

Palmetto Solo said...

SJ - Is that a Pink Tron outfit?

spokejunky said...

It's my pink Members Only jacket. I won it on eBay along with my Don't Hassel the Hoff David Hasselhof fanclub shirt.

spokejunky said...

Hey do you ride mountain bikes anymore?

Palmetto Solo said...

Hey Tron - That's a silly question. Do still analyze your HR zones? Silly goose

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

DNF'd ORAMM after my shoe broke .3 miles into the race. Rode up Curtis Creek and called it a day at chkpoint 3. What a fucking day! see you at next year's ORAMM