Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lesson learned

This week's work load for me has showed a touch. My co-worker departing last Friday for a bigger and better job. This means I've been in the office all of this week. More A/C time and less hot sun time. So I felt eager to hit up the Wed. group ride.

Running a touch late from work, I run home and tweak the SS to tension the chain. Filled the hydration pack and fixed a monster PB&honey&banana sandwich and off to HSF. Rolling into the lot @6:33 assumed I wouldn't see anyone. So I headed out towards Stewardship > 2 laps of the gravel road. STOP I can't take it any more. The EBB on my SS was making this awful noise. So I tighten it up a touch and pedaled on. Still every time the torque went up the noise did too. Very annoying, so I'm kinda glad I hadn't seen anyone. Passed Jim somewhere on the connector as I was heading over to Lost Creek. Didn't turn around because with noisy ass bike, I could ruin someone's ride.

Plans were to knock out 2 laps on LC but ignorance got the best of me. Noticing my speed was suffering badly. Was it a lack riding or what? No folks the chain was so tight I hardly turn it by hand. Ah shit, so that's why I feel like I'm riding in mud and the noise is so loud the wildlife is running in fear. Lesson learned - EBB maintenance should be top on the priority list. Seeing how I've only got one gear, I should make sure that gear is working.

Found A+ in the front lot afterwards. We marveled at how the oppressive heat was wrecking our dreams of a smokin' fast average speed. Then Jim & Tim rolled into the lot. Later found out that Toby S. was in the woods somewhere also, so I guess it was a group ride.


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Jim said...

I think you need to show up at harbison in one of them yellow tandom beasts, at least the noise would be your least worry. I think spider woman would be out but you might be able to pull off lost creek with some xtra effort.