Monday, January 21, 2008

Opener Posponed

January 19 Short Track POSTPONED,Posted 6:15PM 1/18/08

"After watching the forecast on the local channels here in Charlotte, it looks as though we are going to be getting snow accumulation during the day tomorrow. In order to avoid the situation we had 2 years ago where we had to shut down the race in the middle of the event, we are going to postpone the January 19 Winter Short Track Series to another weekend. Meck County Parks and Recreation typically will close the parks during inclement winter weather. This is not a Park by Park decision but a decision made within the management of the Meck County Park System.
The event organizers for the Winter Series have decided its best to postpone the event based on the forecast in order to not inconvenience our race participants. Postponing the race on Friday evening will allow everyone to make other plans, whether it be tonight or tomorrow. We truly hate to postpone on event based on the weather forecast but feel it’s the best thing to do in the current situation.
We are very sorry for any and all inconveniences and hope to kick the series off next weekend on Sunday." Series Promoter

I guess this means there will be some kind of double race weekend, similar to last years series. Glad the series opener was set back for I'm finally getting over this little cold I've had. Hopefully getting back into some routine this week.

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