Sunday, June 24, 2007

6hr Challenge for a Cowbell

Cowbell 12hr Challenge held at the new whitewater center in Charlotte NC. WOW this place looks like a lot of fun for a non cycling weekend. If not throw in ten+ miles of sweet singletrack and make it the total package weekend. The trail system was impressive. Many section of challenging trail, most of the trail was in the shade. In June this is a huge +, all in all a must do race.

I decided on the 6 hour event this weekend for several reasons. One was a 12hr race in June sucks, next lack of fitness and then I wanted to test myself on the single speed for 6 hours. With ORAMM coming up in a months time I needed to decide on one gear or 27.

Luckily I recieved a friendly call from Damon on going up to Charlotte. Finally a trip with a teammate. This can really pump you up - I probably talked Damon's ear off. The morning went as smooth as could be. I felt calm about this whole event my gear selection and my chances on a good finish.

Lap 1 - Fast maybe too fast. Settled into a quick start spinning out the 34x21 gear.
Felt great through the technical sections and the climbs seemed managable.

Lap 2 - The quick pace catches up to me around mile 6 of the lap. Not 100% sure if it was the heat or the effort.

Lap 3 - Pace drops off some ten minutes to the previous 2 laps. Issuses with the gi system. A much needed unscheduled pit stop.

Lap 4 - System settled down and getting back into the race. Pace now coming back into the desired :65 minute window.

Lap 5 - Mantaining the pace of the previous lap. The cut-off time was 3pm and due to laps 2&3 I would not make the deadline. There would be no 6th lap, just happy to have made it through the race. Somehow managed a 4th place.

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