Friday, March 30, 2007

Is that Rain

Slowly creeping back onto the road for some much needed base miles. Managed a good road ride in the Cayce area yesterday. As chance would have it misting rain and cooler temps. It felt as if early Feburary, with the wet temps, you know the type were you really don't want to stop because you may lock up. Luckily I had Todd out with me, for I'm not sure I would have managed a ride at all. Call me lazy for I just don't give a damn.

Bonus on points in the bad ass department - total Belgium style minus the cobbles. Though I did happen to make it on a paved track.


jpelton said...

Speaking of base miles. There is a 8 hour endurance race at Marrington Plantation in Charleston on 5/5/07 if you are interested. It is their first one so I do not know how organized it will be, but the cost should be low.
If you are interested let me know, I will send you the flier.

Palmetto Solo said...

Yeah Joe send it. Sounds like a good tester on the 29SS. I rode with Barret last night, at Harbison. We were wondering if you have been on Russ' closet training diet.

jpelton said...§ion=getout

is a link to an article about the race. At the bottom are some links to get registration information. Starts at 9 ends at 5. $45 for solo.

Russ left me the "Guide to Closet Training", but I'm not comfortable with all the blood doping and Human Growth Hormones that are required.
I am feeling pretty good right now. Jonathan and I are thinking of doing a 5 hour ride in Harbison on April 15th if you are interested. Should be a nice easy pace.

ExtrmTao said...


PMBAR sold out in 18 days this year. Sorry, if your really interested, keep an eye on NC MTBR cus normally at least one person drops from a couple teams each year.


ExtrmTao said...


If you want to hit up Harbison tomorrow and LSD Manchester Sunday. I am down. You got my number? 665 1454

Call me for times.